The newest batch of tunes from Iowa City’s NERV are now available on a 7″ titled USA OFF EARTH NOW, which you can check out/purchase in the Lagerville store. NERV play fast, unrelenting hardcore punk from the real American midwest that no one talks about. Seven songs clocking in at 8 minutes that are soaking of misanthropy and self-disgust. This record is for those who’d rather stay in than go out.

440 on Black Vinyl.

Watch the video for the song “HOMECOMING” off the record here:

Wholesale inquires please contact




Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 1.43.15 PM
Austin, TX punks GLUE put out a rippin’ demo in December 2012. This demo, previously only available on CS and not making it too far out of their hometown, is now available on a 7″ via Lagerville Records and just in time for their winter tour.
Slam yr brains out  and pick one up at any of these dates:
12/17 – New Orleans, LA @ TBA w/ Gas Rag and Mystic Inane
12/18 – Atlanta, GA @ The Drunken Unicorn w/ Mercenary, Manic +1
12/19 – Charlotte, NC @ The Roux w/ Beartrap, Meat Group, and K9-Unit
12/20 – Richmond, VA @ The Green Room w/ Cretins, Nightstalker, and Knife Creep
12/21 – Washington, DC Casa Fiesta w/ Straight Lace + more TBA
12/22 – Philadelphia, PA @ Cat Frat w/ Cool Life and Congenital Death
12/23 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Acheron w/ Crazy Spirit, Creem, and Chain Rank
12/24 – Chillin’ in NYC
12/25 – Chillin’ in NYC
12/26 – New Brunswick, NJ @ The Cooler Ranch w/ Razorheads, Ugly Parts, 3 Jane, Curmudgeon
12/27 – Boston, MA @ The Boiler Room w/ Chain Rank, Lude Boys, and Zipperhead
12/28 – Western Mass w/ Gluebag, White Load, Powermasters, and Cheri Love at TBA
12/29 – Montreal, QC @ The Land of Milk and Honey w/ Wastoids, Thee Nodes
12/30 – Toronto, ON @ TBA w/ S.H.I.T. and Warthog
12/31 – Kickin’ it in Toronto, ON
1/1 – Detroit, MI @ The Precinct w/ TBA
1/2 – North West Indiana @ The Sound Cellar w/ Big Zit, Public Assault, and Lagoon
1/3 – Chicago, IL @ The Technodrome w/ Violent End, Gas Rag, Rash, and Beartrap
1/4 – St. Louis, MO @ TBA w/ Back to Back
1/5 – Kansas City, MO @ FOKL w/ Back to Back
1/6 – Oklahoma City, OK @ TBA w/ TBA
1/7 – Denton, TX @ TBA w/ Truth, Sin Motivo, The Sentenced, Smear

If you can’t make it out to any of those, hit up the store and pick one up.
Wholesale and International orders please email

LVR – 012 NERV 7″

*I will be relocating from Omaha to Providence, RI the first week of January, so apologies if orders slow down around that time. Should only be out a few days.



Omaha punks Pisswalker have a five song demo tape now available. You can check out/buy/download the whole thing for free over at or pick it up with lots of other ill shit at this distro:

Additionally, I’m excited to announce that I will be co-releasing a split 7″ with Brain Tumors and Pisswalker sometime around December. Songs will be posted from that probably within the next couple weeks.

Pisswalker has some upcoming shows as well around Omaha and a few cities around the midwest…(TBA’s being worked on by folks, will post more info as it comes to me)

9/22 – Omaha, NE @ The West Wing w/ Dawns of Humans, Nasty Asshole 2

10/24 – Omaha, NE @ Sweatshop Art Gallery w/ Bent Life, Black Ice, Feeder Gainer

11/7 – Omaha, NE @ The West Wing w/ Condition, Biipiigwan, Powerslop

11/9 – Omaha, NE @ O’Leavers w/ Ex-Nuns, Snake Island

11/10 – Kansas City, MO @ SGAB w/ Bad Noids, Drug Problem, Dirty Work, No Master

11/15 – Minneapolis, MN @ Fuck Mountain w/ Brain Tumors, Casual User

11/16 – Chicago, IL @ S&G w/ Laughboy, Sadie Hawkins, Split Feet

11/17 – Iowa City, IA @ Black Magic Rectory w/ Omens, Haunter, Gory Details

11/26 – Omaha, NE @ The West Wing w/ Gag, Borealis

11/30 – Omaha, NE @ The West Wing w/ Nerv, Serenghetto, Astral Menace




I realize I haven’t touched this since December, but not a whole lots been going on anyways. However, I’m happy to announce that the Places We Slept record is now available. It’s called Peeled. Peeled is seven songs and comes on a single sided black slab o’ wax. You can order it by going to the link for the store up above.

We’ll also be heading out for a west coast tour in a few weeks, here are the dates:
7/17 Omaha, NE @ The West Wing w/ Speedy Ortiz, Eric in Outerspace
7/20 Sioux Falls, SD @ Latitude 44 w/ Chump Party
7/21 Northern Cheyenne Rez, MT @ Partying.
7/22 Missoula, MT @ TBA
7/23 Kennewick, WA @ The Stove Top w/ Holly Barkem
7/24 Seattle, WA @ Heartland w/ Sandy City, Gossimer, L’ile Pica, Love in Mind
7/25 Olympia, WA @ The Palace Flophouse
7/26 Portland, OR @ Red and Black Cafe w/ tba
7/27 Eureka, CA @ The Ink Annex w/ Blanket Ghost
7/28 Oakland, CA @******
7/29 Day Off
7/30 Los Angeles, CA @ Origami Vinyl
7/31 Flagstaff, AZ @ TBA
8/1 Salt Lake City, UT @ Shred Shed w/ JAWWZZ, Wild Moth, Baby Ghosts
8/2 Denver, CO****
8/3 Eat a sandwich in Aurora, NE

***** are dates not confirmed yet, and if you can help in those places, please feel free to shoot an email to if ya wanna see us play. It would be greatly appreciated!

As for this Lagerville thing, expect a demo tape from Pisswalker, a reissue of Hominoid’s Distortion of Limbs on a 12″, and also a 12″ release with Unread Records for Hollywood hunk David Kenneth Nance.

Roam on, brothers.



I have decided to move forward with more releases in 2013 under the Lagerville Records name and as a result have created this page. The blogspot that had been previously used is now down and will more than likely remain inactive. I will also be using this site to post info about the bands involved with this label, such as tour dates, news, releases, etc…

Places We Slept has a small weekend tour with the Dads (NE) in the end of December 2012. Here are the dates:


12/26-Omaha, NE @ The Slowdown w/The Yuppies
12/27-Minneapolis, MN @ Palmer’s w/Gospel Gossip
12/28-Appleton, WI @ Subterranean House w/Technicolor Teeth, Subjugation
12/29-Iowa City, IA @ House TBA w/Solid Attitude
12/30-Sioux Falls, SD @ TBA w/tba

We are down to our last copies of the Sad, Stoned, & Horny 12″ that was put out by Unread in June of 2012 and we’ll be bringing them on this tour. As a result they are no longer available in the webstore and if you would like to order one I suggest Unread Records as Chris still has a few left. Pick up some other stuff he’s put out while you’re at it, it’s all good.

The “I would rather you not know me” 7″ is now out of print as well and will more than likely not be repressed. However, the songs are now available on a cassette put out by UK labels Eat a Book and Strictly No Capital Letters. The tape is a partial discography up to this point and compiles our 7″, the 12″, and two demos for new songs planned for a 2013 LP. We have less than ten of these and will also be bringing them on the tour.

Upcoming releases for 2013:

Places We Slept – 12″

Lincoln band previously known as Harvard – 12″

David Kenneth Nance – 12″